Custom Clearance: Import Export
Sea Fast Shipping (Pvt.) Limited has professional team in understanding Pakistan export / Import regulations enables us offer comprehensive Customs Clearance service for shipments exporting / Importing to all countries and helps clients faster to clear all customs related matters, they know as well rules and regulation of local custom and accommodate customers accordingly.

We can gather many types of intelligence not only in Pakistan but also among foreign countries. We provide our clients with fine-tuned service in transportation, warehousing, cargo tracing and etc. We place our experts in trading procedures, international transportation, and custom clearance at company-owned import-export cargo handling facilities in major ports and airports in Pakistan. 
Thus, import-export cargo forwarding is carried out utilizing land, sea and air as well as quick custom clearance work. The distribution related to trading is not only transportation and storage of commodities, but also various processes such as custom clearance, documentation, authority procedures and banking.
We possess much knowledge in trading, fostered by many years' experience. We save time and energy through integrated services that match user needs, and offer optimum distribution to international businesses.

Custom Clearance Services Include: 
» Custom Documentation.
» Carting /Receiving goods.
» Examination of shipment.
» Handling of stuffing and de-stuffing at ports.